Our Fresh Cut Produce Will Save Your Business Time & Money

Select Fresh’s dedicated processing facilities around the country are uniquely designed to improve your businesses bottom line. Whether you need the essentials, such as beans top and tailed, or you need something more intricate, such as fruit platters, our efficient, food-safe team can provide consistently high-quality produce, cut to your specifications and in high volume.

How it works

It all begins with a discussion between your business and our buying team. With your requirements in mind, our team visits the central markets everyday to supply our processing team the highest quality produce that meet your specifications. Better yet, with our management team always being in contact with growers and producers, we can source produce directly.

Fresh produce is a volatile industry. From the minute our produce is picked, it must be handled with the utmost care, which can only be done with years of experience and training. Select Fresh employs a team with decades of experience. It’s with this experience that we can tailor your order to your specifications, with the included benefit of being sensitive to your bottom line. It’s how we bring quality and service together.