Fresh & Seasonal Produce for Cafes & Restaurants

Keeping your menu fresh and seasonal doesn’t have to be a challenge when you have a fresh produce expert at your beck and call. Select Fresh Providores employs a team of food professionals that understanding the importance of fresh and seasonal produce in providing a unique experience for patrons of your cafe or restaurant. Our team can help you with suggestions on specialty produce ready for your next menu. Whether you need edible flowers, rich-red raddicchio, dragonfruit, mangoes or the most obscure fruit and vegetables, we’ll source the produce that best fits your customer’s palette.

How it works

Our buying team will begin with a discussion about your business and customers. With your requirements in mind, our team visits the central markets everyday to fill your orders with the highest quality, seasonal produce that will fill your menu with the newest flavours. Never fear if the market is scarce, our management team is in constant contact with growers and producers so we can source produce directly.

From the minute our produce is picked, it must be handled with incredible care. It takes years of experience and training to achieve an understanding of how best to store, pack and transport produce. It’s why fresh produce is a volatile industry and you shouldn’t entrust this task to a novice. Select Fresh employs a team with decades of experience. It’s how we bring quality and service together.